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Signs of Premature Aging and Ways to Prevent It

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Premature ageing usually occurs at the age of 35. People notice it when fine lines start to appear on your face.  Aside from that, hyperpigmentation and dark spots may also take place. There are different factors why we start to age prematurely.

  1. Stress

Our outlook in life plays a vital part in how we age. Studies have shown that people who are optimistic and hold less grudge towards other people tend to have a longer life and look younger than their real age. On the other hand, people who are stressed and angry tend to have fine lines and wrinkles at an early age.

  1. Unhealthy Habits

People who smoke, drink and are exposed to such environment age faster than those who don’t. They are more prone to have skin discolouration, lose a healthy amount of collagen, elastin, and oxygen which makes their skin look dull and dry.

  1. Temperature

Even temperature can affect premature ageing. Exposure to the sun without protection is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and other skin diseases that can permanently damage our body. This is also similar for those who are exposed to extremely cold temperatures without putting on protection for their bodies.

  1. Diet

Your choice of food also affects how you age over time. Excessive consumption of sugar, white flour, and dairy products can make your organs suffer from inflammation, thus slowing down the operations happening inside your body.


If you experience any of the following before you even turn 35, it’s probably the right time to think about the lifestyle you currently have:

  1. Sunspots – Also known as age or liver spots, there are spots on your skin that has emerged due to overexposure to the sun.
  2. Skinny hands – If your hands start to become thinner and prone to wrinkles, it goes to show that proteins, such as collagen, are starting to fade out.
  3. Inflammation on the chest – If you are also experiencing patchy or spots all over your chest, it means that your cells have been damaged from too much sun exposure.
  4. Dry and itchy skin – If you noticed to have itchy and dry skin for no reason, it means that your skin is already thinning and is prone to dehydration.
  5. Hair loss – Another clear sign of premature ageing is the loss of hair due to stem cells whose follicles have already died.


To fight any of the signs of premature ageing that you might be experiencing, you may want to keep the following as part of your daily routine.

  1. Always wear sunscreen and reapply whenever necessary.
  2. Use the right skincare products Find the best anti-aging creams that focus on getting rid of wrinkles and boost hydration.
  3. Stop smoking and opt for a healthier lifestyle. Exercising and other fun activities can keep you from coming back from your unhealthy habits.
  4. Avoid washing your face more than 3 times a day as this can cause your skin to dry.
  5. Lessen alcohol intake and only drink occasionally. It dehydrates and damages your skin. Keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking the right amount of water every day.

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