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3 Emergency Situations When a Solar-Powered Backup Generator is Needed

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Picture this: You’re watching TV at home during a stormy day. It suddenly shuts off along with all of your other lights.

Great. It’s another power outage. As you go outside to turn on your generator, you notice one of your neighbors still has power in their home. You start wondering how.

Now you remember. Your neighbor has a solar-powered backup generator. They’ve spoken to you about it at length, and you said you’d do some research. 

Solar power generators are safer than other generators and can protect you during emergencies. Here three situations when an emergency solar generator is helpful during extended power outages.

  1. Protects You From Dangerous Conditions

When there are power outages in some areas, most people use gas generators to combat them. However, gas generators are heavy and need to be used outside.

Why? Because they create harmful emissions that can be dangerous for your family and your neighborhood. You’ll also need to go out in hazardous weather conditions to move it and turn it on.

Having a solar-powered backup generator removes the dangers of the weather. Your extra power supply will come on automatically, saving you the hassle of turning it on manually.

  1. Keeps Appliances Running Without the Grid

If you install a solar panel system, you can install it with grid access or use an independent power supply. Most homes use electrical power, which ties to an electrical grid.

When the grid goes down, that causes blackouts. That’s why generators are essential to areas that are prone to power outages.

However, electric or gas generators will still need to be refueled because they rely on fossil fuels. A solar-powered home backup generator can run on an independent power supply that your solar panel storage saved.

The extra energy that your solar panels take in from the sun is sent to your solar battery storage. So when a power outage occurs, your lights stay on because of that storage.

If charged at its maximum capacity, the extra power can last for about two days.

  1. Keeps Harmful Emissions Away From Your Family

When a blackout occurs, people go and turn on their generators. Some can be battery-powered, but others are fueled by gas or diesel. As we’ve already stated, the emissions produced by these generators can be dangerous to your family.

Solar-powered generators, like the Titan solar generator, produce no emissions. You’ll be able to use your generator inside, knowing that your family won’t get exposed to any harmful gasses.

Protect Your Family With a Solar Powered Backup Generator

It’s always good to prepare in case there’s a crisis. Power outages can happen at any time. So you need to have a generator that will be safe for your family and provide you with ample power.

A solar-powered backup generator is the safest option you can go with. It will protect you from dealing with dangerous conditions, keep your family safe from emissions, and provide you with long-lasting power. That’s all you need during a blackout.

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