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Risk factors of pulmonary embolism

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Medical field had been associated with different varieties of medical terms which make the people to suffer for it. One such medical term is the pulmonary embolism. It is related to the blood clots occurring at the lung region of the body. The blood clots formed on the body mainly deals with a minute area which then expands into a larger area. So analyzing it before becoming into a large disorder is better. The sudden blockage in the lung artery is said to be as the pulmonary embolism and it is due to the blood clot happened at the lungs and it occurs in both men and women and this risk may also increase with the increase in the age of the person.

Some of the hereditary conditions may also increase the risk of this pulmonary embolism and if it is the second time then the symptoms would really be severe. Some of the risk factors include the following:

  • Feeling difficult in moving from one place to another.
  • Having a surgery may also increase the effect of pulmonary embolism
  • Smoking may also have dangerous effect and it can also be a reason for this pulmonary embolism
  • Some of the conditions like paralysis and chronic heart diseases may also become a risk factor in the pulmonary embolism.

Some of the cancer patients may also have high risks of the pulmonary embolism cause and the central venous catheter of the tube is to be replaced for medical treatments. Some of the symptoms of this disease include the shortness of breath, tiredness, anxiety and fatigue. And it may range depending upon the age factor. The symptoms also include the swelling of the leg and the hand which leads to severe damage to the body. it also includes feeling too much warmth and observing reddened skin and color changes on the body. there are many websites which provide the best information regarding the various diseases and creates awareness for the people. this is one such website which gives the best advice regarding the various forms of diseases and the disorders

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